Forgive, forgive, forgive.

When we forgive, it feels unnatural. It feels like a lie. It doesn’t feel real at first. We say it with our mouths and it tastes like ashes as we say it. We feel resentful, but we go ahead anyway. It will raise its head again soon enough. The sick feeling as we relive that moment we were hurt, destroyed, brought low, victimized. When it does, we feel the familiar acid of it crawling around our mind, our body, our very soul. But the voice of Jesus says again: “forgive”, so we forgive again.

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And as I remember, I think, “What if my story isn’t nearly as important as I’ve thought, and at the same time, infinitely more so?” Could I learn to live, just simply live a life? An ordinary life that doesn’t chase acceptance or self-glory or grandiosity, but simply serves humbly and loves sacrificially and feels passionately and gives all its got. What if the most extraordinary things are really the most ordinary things done with Love’s great purpose?

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Cassie Santy Comment
"I Am the Ocean" (part 2)

You see, water was made to move. Flowing water is life-giving water. Stagnant water stands to rot until it can once again enter the cycle of constant motion that it was made for. I am a drop in the cycle and I was made to move too. We all were. We were created to ebb and flow, to rise and hover, to sink deep and spread out, and to do it all over and over and over.

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Cassie SantyComment
I've Never Known Peace

"We think solutions, God offers strength." There are times when I pray pray pray and God doesn't 'take the hurt away.' But He ALWAYS comes with the very best He has to offer and the best that He knows He can give us when we ask. He always provides his strength. He is always by our side, and forever there when we ask in His name.

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"I Am the Ocean" (part 1)

Watching the waves is soothing. Why does the motion of rocking—the back and forth, the in and out—put us at peace? Though we resist, we are created to move. We are often terrified of change but the change is vital. If things stayed the same we would be miserable. We would not be filled. We would not know growth; we would not know pleasure; we would not know life.

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Crystalized: "to give a definite, precise, and usually permanent form to. Prevented from decaying or spoiling and prepared for future use." Amennnn, Lord. You are giving me permanent form. You are preparing me for future use. I am your crystal.

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Peyton HamlinComment
From the Dust

I often do not live the inside outwardly – and I’m eaten alive by the suffocation of self. Fire teases me and tides pull me deeper. Thundering voices drenched in fervor cause my heart to pound and my spirit to soar. Scenes of beauty move me to submission and there is no love like that of the passionate.

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