And it's a silly thing, cause it's only a bath.

It’s dark; it’s quiet. Something about the rain, the cool air outside, and the grayness of the sky makes me feel deeply moved. Light flickers on the walls from three fierce little candle flames. Warmth and fragrance wafting up, but hovering low, like luscious, ripe fruit waiting to be picked. 

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Cassie SantyComment
The Beauty of Womanhood: Her Uniqueness Makes Her Essential

When we forsake our feminine glory in pursuit of the uniqueness that belongs to men, we abandon our God-given glory; we become usurpers, persistently insisting that our uterus and biology are equal to nothing, irrelevant. Women believe the lie that in order to be relevant in a man’s world, you become like a man, when the opposite is true. 

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Risen Motherhood

I'm not a mom. Not even close—although I like to think I could claim the title "expert babysitter" by now.Motherhood is a season I hope to experience one day, and I look forward to the joys and challenges of raising children. For now, I wanted to pass along this podcast to any mothers or mothers-to-be reading along on this blog.

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Rose FoosComment