Your Love


It is You – only You

I am on my knees for You

I am overwhelmed by You

I am in love with You


You consume me

Breathe through me

Rest strongly upon me –

Do not withhold Your love


For Your love is the chasm between death and life

Your hands are the source of comfort and light

Your power is unyielding, but Your voice is kind

Your grace covers the thoughts that torment my mind


I am desperate for You

I am nothing without You

Come close, draw near and embrace me

For I long to rest my heart in Your beauty


It is You – only You, God

I am weeping at Your feet

I am Mary, forgetting fears

Pouring oil through my tears


I do not deserve You

But Your love has called my name…

So I give my all to You

For Your love will always remain

Cassie SantyComment