Mirror Neurons


Here's something uplifting: God gave us these beautiful things called mirror neurons. In short, when we look at someone who is smiling, for example, our mirror neurons mimic that smile, and our brain lights up as if we ourselves were smiling. How cool is that!? That’s probably why we love being around happy people so much.

When you really look at the picture to the right, don't you have to fight back a smile of your own? Well, don't do that - just let it out ya goof!

In a way then, we’re all contagious. What will the world catch from you?

Even if you're feeling down, though, there's hope! It's been proven that when you force yourself to laugh, you actually activate all the same "happy" chemicals as when you are genuinely laughing! Next time you need a little pick me up, give it a shot - we have, and it kind of actually seriously works, especially when you do it with a friend or two! Put a smile on your face and just start laughing, even though it will feel awkward. Keep laughing until, well, you really start laughing. Voilà!

Cassie SantyComment