When you look up the word adventure, you see the words bold, risky, dangerous, hazardous. But you also see things like “participating in an exciting or unusual experience” and “engaging in the exploration of unknown territory”.

Adventure is an undertaking, a commitment to live the risky and dangerous in search of the something more.

Adventure is so much more than taking a trip or being spontaneous. Adventure may look like me running out into the hail storm outside right now. Is that foolish? Senseless? I could get conked on the head by a speeding ping pong ball of ice! Or I could run out there, heart beating, lungs pumping, body breathing—and experience, engage, explore… LIVE!

Adventure is freedom from the trap of fear, irrational or not. My favorite author, Ann Voskamp, says, "All fear is fraud". Having a spirit of adventure is having a spirit that says fear will not keep me from living this life with a pounding heart and crazy love.

Adventure says, "I will take risks and face danger in order to happen upon piercing laughter and mile wide grins of mouth and heart—because this life is filled with danger regardless of if we sit in the corner with our crippling fear or step out in anxious anticipation!"

Adventure is the pumping through the veins of a life experienced in full.