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CASSIE santy


Having recently moved from the beautiful island of Hawaii, Cassie Santy now resides amidst thousands of emerald pines in her new hometown of Williams, AZ. Among the trees, she feels at home, and ready to bring Essence Ministry to life again. Cassie now works in the world of luxury inn-keeping and small business, where she loves getting to practice her creativity, strategic thinking, passion for efficiency, and her love for cooking!

Through her journey of faith, the longing was ignited to see others encounter the real and personal God of the Bible and Savior of the world, and in doing so, truly come alive. Essence Ministry was birthed out of her desire to see women know their worth, find their dignity, discover their identity, and live without shame and fear — they very things she struggles with, but the things God so lovingly gifts us with as He transforms our hearts and lives through faith and trust in Him.

Cassie also has a personal blog you can check out here.


Rose foos

visual media director

Colorado transplant. Creative visionary. Worship leader. Latte enthusiast. Aspiring globetrotter.

She is a self-taught freelance graphic designer, photographer, and website builder. She works with numerous non-profits and ministries, devoted to carrying out their mission visually and creatively.

Also an alumni of Recess, Rose is passionate about cultivating an atmosphere where people can encounter the presence of God and walk intimately with Him. Follow her on Instagram and check out her website here.

lea b and w 2.jpeg

Léa Ribeiro

Blog Contributor

While born and raised in the south of France, something about America has always captured my heart. As I journeyed through my own story of brokenness and pain, my path crossed with Essence Founder Cassie’s. Part of our stories are intertwined by our shared time together as missionary students in France and Japan. Since then, I’ve discovered so much about who I am and the courage I have inside me to live freely. I want to encourage women who have gone through something similar to what I’ve been through - or not. More than that, I just want to share my heart, my life, my testimony and my walk with God through the hard and good times. I want people to know that it’s okay not to be okay. Jesus is putting back together our broken pieces but instead of just a patched up piece of pottery, His work makes us something totally and beautifully new.