Essence Ministry exists to shed light on the essence of a woman's heart and nature.

God created both men and women in His image, and while Adam expressed God's masculine, strong, fatherly nature, Eve expressed His feminine, compassionate, motherly nature. Our genders actually express the very essence of God in a completely unique and powerful way! 

Every human being is inherently and equally valuable, but we are not all the same. Men and women possess different qualities and, at the core of their being, have a totally individual nature. The more we understand and accept our God-given identity, the more we find peace in who we are, and freedom to live as we were created to live. Instead of competing, comparing, and fighting to prove our place, strength, or value as women, we can rest assured that we are more valuable, more powerful, and more loved than we can ever even imagine!

Essence is about more than just revealing what is at the core of our femininity—it's about celebrating and owning the indispensable qualities within.

It's about starting fires of stunning grace and godly womanhood in the world around us; it's about walking in strength and dignity and living with confidence of God's relentless love for us; it's about knowing deeply the truth of our realest identity.